Hammond High School - Class of 1959
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As a teenager at HHS how many times did you wish you had their phone number so you could get a date for the Sock Hop at the Civic Center after the game?

Well now you do! At least we think you do...

As a result of the work of the Reunion Committee in locating as many classmates as possible, it occurred to us that we could put together a telephone book listing.  This was in addition to the 160 page Reunion Book with pictures, stories and updates of your classmates.

But the phone book is special! It enables you to locate, contact and stay in touch with one another.

And there's more!  At the end is a data sort of your classmates by state so that you can see who lives close to you, or if you are traveling by car you can call and have coffee.  Just another way to stay in contact.

Download the entire HHS '59 Telephone Book. It is only 12 pages long. You can download the text, fold it and staple it and create your own copy of the HHS Phone Book at home. It is in Microsoft Word format. The cover is a separate document but add the cover and you will have what was distributed free at the 50th Class Reunion.

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Download HHS '59 Phone Book
(Updated March 2012)

 Download HHS '59 Phone Book Cover

Now to make this work, we need to keep our telephone book listings current. If you have a change in your contact information and need to update your files, or if you are able to locate another classmate who has gone missing and not in our phone book, you can easily update the information for our files.

The HHS'59 Telephone Book will be updated on a regular monthly basis. Watch for revisions.

  Not to be used for commercial solicitations.      

Women are listed alphabetically here by their maiden name.
Addresses and phone numbers are the latest known.
If there are any corrections, email address changes, updates, notices of name changes (marriage) or death, please let us know.

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Revised: March 19, 2012.